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What to Expect at the SEMA Show 2015

For those in the specialty automotive industry, the annual SEMA Show is one of the must attend events. Scheduled for November 3rd through November 6th, the SEMA Show 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center promises to be one of the best ever thanks to a combination of new product demonstrations, special events, opportunities to network, discover new aftermarket parts and educational seminars hosted by some of the finest in the business.

What is SEMA 2015?

SEMA Show Exhibit HallThis annual show is a trade-only presentation which means that it is not open to the general public, but only registered businesses and individuals in the industry. This is a specialty show that reveals the latest in new products from Suspension Parts, Engine Management Systems and Performance Programmers to the newest in tools and paint supplies all at the same time and brings people together so that they can forge new relationships and build even further into the world of aftermarket parts and advancing technology in the automotive industry.

At SEMA 2014, nearly 60,000 buyers from all over the world came to the event which was considered a big smash. This year, expectations are even higher thanks to the nearly 2,000 aftermarket parts, tools and components that will be on display for the first time. With the displays divided into at least a dozen sections, this year promises to be arguably the best ever.

Why Attend SEMA 2015?

SEMA Show OutsideThere are certainly many reasons to attend this remarkable event starting with the fact that it is one of the largest of its kind in the world. SEMA is a place where buyers and sellers congregate annually for the purposes of doing business, learning about new products and services along with networking to build up their own efforts.

New Products: With more than 2,000 new products on display, it provides your business with the ability to pick up some of the latest and finest aftermarket parts for a wide range of vehicles. Every year, new businesses are able to grow their place in the market through the many new parts that are made available at the annual SEMA Show.
Education: With over 50 free business educational seminars during the course the show itself, there is much in the industry that you can learn. Plus, the seminars are hosted by the best in the industry where you can learn the inside information that will help you become more successful in areas such as online, email and social media marketing, improving customer service, how to save money and more.

Meet Industry Celebrities: The automotive industry is loaded with celebrities that have made their mark and will share their stories and experiences with you. John and Ashley Force and Chip Foose are just a few on the many celebs in the industry that will be available at this year’s SEMA Show.

SEMA Show TrackSatisfaction: Nearly 80% of the companies that attended last year’s SEMA Show are planning on coming back which is a testament to the success that the show provides for everyone.

For anyone who is part of the automotive industry and wants to get more products, aftermarket parts, information and networking opportunities, then the 2015 SEMA Show is for you.


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