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Tuner Car Models Really Do Make a Car Show More Fun to Attend

How did girls get so important at a Car Show?

Tuner Model 1It may seem that stepping into an auto show is like taking a journey into the past. While you may see the latest makes and models of vehicles, you will also see plenty of nice looking young ladies who present the cars and trucks just like they have been doing since before World War II. It seems to matter little if the show itself focuses on tuner car models, import models, aftermarket parts or even performance tuners, if there are vehicles present you can almost bet that there will be young, attractive ladies there to present them for you.

Why are Girls Presenting Vehicles at Car Shows?

Admittedly, the old fashioned nature of using models to show off models is such a deeply engrained tradition that it may be considered unshakable at this point no matter its effectiveness. However, there are some interesting advantages that may be getting overlooked when considering just how old fashioned or out of date this trend seems to be.

Tuner Model 3The most important aspect of selling a car is not the miles per hour, the features or the engine, it is the image planted in the customer’s mind about how they look and what they will feel when driving it on the highway. An image that makes a potential buyer feel more like James Bond instead of John Doe is a powerful marketing approach that has worked since cars were first romanticized for the road in the post-World War II years.

The girls are really part of the overall image of beauty and lifestyle that the driver imagines themselves to be when owning the vehicle. Even trucks and smaller vehicles will invariably have a pretty girl standing next to them because it echoes in the potential buyer’s mind success and feeling good about the purchase that they have made.

And finally, for the most part the girls who do the presenting are not there as objects of sex or desire, but they are reasonably dressed and many are very informed about the vehicle that they are presenting which means that they can interact with the audience and help push the product in a viable manner.

The Disadvantages of Girls Presenting Vehicles as Car Shows

The most obvious downside to having girls presenting vehicles is that many buyers are women themselves and do not view the models in the same light as the men. Of course, the idea of having handsome, attractive men presenting vehicles may seem plausible, but then it counteracts against the potential male customers in the audience as well.

Tuner model 2Another issue is that the girls may do well in presenting the vehicles, but they are not pulling in any new potential customers which include Millennials that make up about 80 million people. Targeting this massive audience of potential car buyers is going to take a different approach than the baby boomers that  are more familiar with this line of presentation.

Overall, while the age of female models presenting vehicles may still be going strong, it also seems that the auto industry is in a period of transition. Even with import models, performance tuners and an emphasis on aftermarket parts, there will need to be a marketing overhaul to reach a new audience of car buyers.

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