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Top 13 Scary Cars from the Movies and TV

Since it is Halloween today I thought a list of my personal top 13 scary cars from the Movies and TV were in order.  See if you remember the movies some of these iconic cars came from.  Maybe you will be watching the movies tonight while you celebrate Halloween.  Many of these cars definitely look different from when they rolled off the assembly line.  The studios had to do a lot of modifying to get them to look so menacing.  So without further adieu, on with the list:


13.  1979 Chevrolet C-20 Fleetside Pickup from the 1983 movie Nightmares starring Emilio Estevez and Lance Henriksen

Nightmares-1979 C-20 Chevy Fleetside Pickup

Not all that menacing when seen by day but dark out the front windshield, add a big chrome ramming bumper and add the floodlights along with some ominous music and feel the shivers fun down your spine.


12.  1957 Chevrolet Bel Air from the 2011 movie Drive Angry starring Nicolas Cage, William Fichtner and Amber Heard

Drive Angry-1957 Chevy Belair

The 57 Chevy Bel Air was one of the most popular cars of the 50’s.  I remember my father having one. When it appears out of nowhere to take Milton and The Accountant back to Hell it gave me goose bumps.


11.  Heavily modified Chevy Impala turned into the Batmobile for the 1989 movie Batman starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson

Batmobile-Built on Chevy Impala Chassis

The Batmobile is unrecognizable of a its original car, a Chevy Impala.  This is true mastery of the designers and modifiers that came up with the concept for this version of the Batmobile.  It’s low profile and flame thrower exhaust would scare any would-be criminal to a life of peace and love.


10. Stretch Model T transformed into the Munster Koach from the hit TV show the Munsters, 1964-1966

The Munsters-Stretch Model T

This stretch Model T was actually made from 3 Model T and was 18 feet long.  It was designed by Tom Daniel’s for $200 paid by George Barris who’s team built the final product.  The Koach appeared in over twenty episodes and it the movie, Munster, Go Home!  The car features a Ford 289 V8 with a ten-carburetor setup with ten air horns and lantern lights.


9. The Ghetto Tank from the 1981 movie, Escape from New York starring Kurt Russell

Escape from New York-Ghetto Tank

Origins unknown on the history of this heavily modified vehicle.  It’s got a huge gun turret coming out of its windshield and rides on a dual track.  You differently don’t want to get in these vehicles way.


8. 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon from the 1979 blockbuster Mad Max starring Mel Gibson.

Mad Max-1973 XB GT Ford Falcon Coupe

What an mean and aggressive ride this Australian sold Ford is.  The last of the V-8 Interceptor, this XB GT Falcon was available from 1973 thru 1976 and was only available in Australia.  Who doesn’t remember when Max kicks in the nitro and barrels down the deserted Australian outback.  What a thrill.


7.  Shala Vette, also known as “Gator Car” from the 1975 cult classic movie Death Race 2000 starring David Carradine. 

Deathrace 2000-Gator Car

This Corvette was given many now working appendixes to make it resemble an alligator hence the name “Gator Car”.  David Carradine did most of the stunt driving for this movie because the stunt drivers didn’t want to drive this non street legal cars on the road.


6.  1970 Chevrolet Nova from the 2007 Quentin Tarantino movie Death Proof

Death Proof-1970 Chevy Nova

Who doesn’t remember that duck ornament on the hood of this 1970 Chevy Nova.  Kurt Russell is on the rampage as he powers this matte black Nova all over the road looking to create havoc.


5.  1971 Plymouth Barricuda from 1979 movie classic Phantasm

Phantasm-1971 Plymouth Barracuda

The car was used in the movie to bond the two brothers, Mike and Jody to bond.  Little did they know that the car had a mind of its own which later creates so much death and destruction.  The car was sold after production and to this date the whereabouts are unknown.


4. 1971 Lincoln Continental MK III from the 1977 movie The Car starring James Brolin

The Car-1971 Lincoln Continental MK III

This demonic Lincoln is hell bent on killing motorist and pedestrians alike in a small desert town in Utah.  The lowered roof line and pronounced front bumper makes Lincoln Continental MK III look very develish.


3.  Peterbuilt Conventional and tanker from the 1971 Steven Spielberg indie film Duel starring Dennis Weaver

Duel-Peterbuilt tanker

Who wouldn’t be un-nerved with a big semi truck barreling down the road after you.  Poor Dennis Weaver does everything he can to stay clear of the demon clutches of this determined rig.


2.  1958 Plymouth Fury from the 1983 Steven King movie Christine

Christine-1958 Plymouth Fury

Probably one of the most recognizable cars in anyone’s list of scary cars, this 1958 Plymouth Fury turns into the devil himself at the end of the movie.  Crushing and running over would be characters throughout the movie, the car always repairs itself into the pristine car you see above.


1.  1941 Chevrolet Cab-Over “Creepers Truck” from the 2001 movie Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers-1940 Chevy Cab Over Truck

Starting out as a flatbed, the effects team transformed this menacing truck into Creepers Truck.  The rear box was custom fabricated to match the original cab including making fake rust bubbles.  Powered by the original inline 6 and 4 speed manual transmission, the fuel tank was replaced with a five gallon fuel cell for safety.  The interior doesn’t have turn signal, dash lights or radio.  The only thing added was a loud air horn.


Well there you have it, my list of the 13 scariest movie and TV vehicles.  I hope you enjoyed my list and encourage you to leave your comments below whether you agree or disagree.  Did I miss your favorite?  Let me know what you think should be on the list.














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  • Todd Schafer| November 18, 2015 at 8:10 pmReply

    I loved the movie Duel with a young McCloud, Dennis Weaver. I don’t remember the truck looking like this though.

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