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North Carolina Backroads made for Tuner testing

By Todd Schafer on January 22, 2014

North Carolina is the meca of fast cars and moonshine.  No wonder there are so many great driving opportunities in the 12th state to join the union.  Whether you’re looking to test out those new Bilstein shock absorbers, various other Honda parts, or simply looking for a nice scenic Sunday drive, North Carolina has a driving road that’ll peak any motorist’s interest.

The state has been known for its driving roads since the Prohibition Era, when moonshine runners would use the mountain roads to transport their illicit goods quickly and quietly. After Prohibition ended, the state became known for racing and still is. It’s the home to two major NASCAR tracks, Charlotte Motor Speedway and Rockingham Speedway, it has more NASCAR offices than any other state despite the company headquarters being based in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Charlotte speedway

There are two primary routes any driving enthusiast should check out while they’re in North Carolina. The first is a thirty mile stretch of road that goes straight through the middle of Nantahala National Park. Two towns serve as the end-points of the route: Waynesville and Rosman.

It’s a straight shot between the two, but the squiggly road will give your new Honda parts that test they need while the park creates a nice scenic backdrop for the journey. Simply head south on 215 if you start at Waynesville, or north on 215 if you start at Rosman and don’t stop until you reach the other town. It’s not a lengthy ride, but sure to satisfy.

The other route you may want to ride along is nicknamed “The Dragon”. You’ll find it along the Tennessee/North Carolina state line around Deals Gap, on US 129. It’s particularly popular amongst sports car and motorcycle enthusiasts because it’s an 11 mile stretch of road that has 318 curves, many of which are named. It’s not really a scenic route, but will definitely give your new Bilstein shock absorbers a workout.

Many of the North Carolina highway roads are curvy and have small sections that will remind you why you love driving. Just drive off the beaten path a bit – especially if you’re around the mountain roads – and you’re sure to have a good time.

Oh, and while we may have placed an emphasis on Honda parts and premier Bilstein shock absorbers because they’re some of the more popular tuner parts in use right now, feel free to take any car out on the North Carolina highways. You don’t have to have a finished tuner to enjoy the state’s wondrous driving roads.

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