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NC roads

By Todd Schafer on January 22, 2014

North Carolina is the meca of fast cars and moonshine.  No wonder there are so many great driving opportunities in the 12th state to join the union.  Whether you’re looking to test out those new Bilstein shock absorbers, various other Honda parts, or simply looking for a nice scenic Sunday drive, North Carolina has a driving road that’ll peak any motorist’s interest.

The state has been known for its driving roads since the Prohibition Era, when moonshine runners would use the mountain roads to transport their illicit goods quickly and quietly. After Prohibition ended, the state became known for racing and still is. It’s the home to two major NASCAR tracks, Charlotte Motor Speedway and Rockingham Speedway, it has more NASCAR offices than any other state despite the company headquarters being based in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Charlotte speedway


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