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Here’s a bummer: your car isn’t putting out its best performance when rolling off the assembly line.  The main reason behind these limitations is due to the car manufacturers need to comply with different standards: EPA, gas mileage and safety.   Also, different marketing techniques designed to push buyers towards more expensive models may also cause limitations to be added to an engine.

Fortunately, there is a quick and effective way to enjoy all that extra power your engine can produce without having to change any internals.  Since today’s vehicles are computer-based, the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) controls most of the performance processes and settings of the car.  By using a power programmer, you can modify the parameters of the ECU to provide better values and thus increase overall performance.

How they Work

By installing a power programmer, also known as performance tuners, you are basically tweaking your car’s computer by providing new settings which have been [...]

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