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Scary movie vehicles

Since it is Halloween today I thought a list of my personal top 13 scary cars from the Movies and TV were in order.  See if you remember the movies some of these iconic cars came from.  Maybe you will be watching the movies tonight while you celebrate Halloween.  Many of these cars definitely look different from when they rolled off the assembly line.  The studios had to do a lot of modifying to get them to look so menacing.  So without further adieu, on with the list:


13.  1979 Chevrolet C-20 Fleetside Pickup from the 1983 movie Nightmares starring Emilio Estevez and Lance Henriksen

Nightmares-1979 C-20 Chevy Fleetside Pickup

Not all that menacing when seen by day but dark out the front windshield, add a big chrome ramming bumper and add the floodlights along with [...]

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