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Installed Exhaust

By Todd Schafer on February 6, 2014

Automotive exhaust systems are an automotive engineer’s answer for reducing carbon emissions and making vehicles more fuel efficient.

An automotive exhaust system provides for a technique for routing the hot and toxic gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor out of the engine of cars. While doing so, the exhaust gases may also simultaneously be used for driving a turbocharger or reducing carbon dioxide emissions by means of a catalytic converter.  An exhaust system is much more important in a high performance car since as it has a direct influence on engine power and its performance.

Exhaust systems can also be considered as a collection of tubular fragments or ‘piping’ to convey the burnt gases out from the engine.  This systeExhaust Systemsm can comprise of a single or multiple exhaust pipes to [...]


By Todd Schafer on January 21, 2014

Agency Power was created in 2003 with the intention of making quality, fashionable and functional racing products.  Agency Power manufacturers parts for Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Mitsubishi, Nissan and many more.  Agency Power meet or exceeds manufacturers products and many were produced with racing in mind.  Diversified products like EVO Rear control arms, STI fuel rails, RX8 pulley kit and 996TT boost hoses gives Agency Power an advantage over other companies to make your vehicles distinguished.  Agency Power produces products after testing and racing and quality checks are completed.  AP is kept at front of the competition with its products like cat back exhausts,  GT35R turbo kits, Sway bars that are adjustable.


Agency Power Titanium Tip Cat back Exhaust:Agency_Power_ti_tipped_exhaust

The newest thing on the block is [...]

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