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PLX Devices Kiwi 2 IMFD Adapter – 2399

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Kiwi 2 iMFD Adapter

Kiwi 2 iMFD Adapter for Kiwi 2 Wifi or Kiwi 2 Bluetooth for additional aftermarket sensor support by connecting up to 16 PLX Devices Sensor Modules.

Accessory to Kiwi 2 Wifi or Kiwi 2 Bluetooth
Must have compatible app with iMFD sensor support


The Kiwi 2 iMFD Adapter is compatible with the Kiwi 2 Wifi or Kiwi 2 Bluetooth and enables you to add additional aftermarket sensors for viewing on your iOS mobile device. This is ideal if your OBDII port does not report the sensors you need or if the OBDII port reports the sensor at a refresh rate unsuitable for your application. With the iMFD adapter, it combines the best of both worlds of plug and play obtaining sensor data from your OBDII port and aftermarket high performance sensors designed for speed, accuracy, high resolution and more extreme conditions typically not supported by your OEM sensors.

iMFD Adapter Daisy Chain solution allows you to connect up to 16 sensor modules in any combination. For turbo and supercharged applications the most popular sensor modules consist of the SM-AFR, SM-Vac/Boost, and SM-EGT. These three modules allow you to monitor your precise air/fuel ratio (AFR), your vacuum and boost levels for forced induced engines, and your exhaust gas temperature. These three parameters are vital to monitoring the health of an internal combustion engine. Additional sensor modules from PLX are available to monitor fluid temperature, fluid pressure and air intake temperature.
PLX Devices iMFD Daisy Chain

In high performance applications where the speed, accuracy and resolution of standard vehicle sensors may not be sufficient for applications which require precise tuning and diagnostics. The iMFD adapter, gives you the added option of obtaining aftermarket sensor data. Our wideband AFR, exhaust gas temperature, and vac/boost sensor modules are the most popular add on sensors for performance vehicles. Anything with an “iMFD” badge is compatible with each other allowing you to daisy chain up to 16 modules in any combination.
PLX Devices iMFD 16 sensors

The added benefit of the iMFD Adapter is that with every additional iMFD sensor module you add, your performance does not degrade. For example, if you’re monitoring only 1 sensor from the OBDII port and your refresh rate is 5Hz, by monitoring 2 sensors, your refresh drops to 2.5Hz and so on. By adding 1 to 16 iMFD sensors, your refresh rate is always kept constant at 10Hz. This results in higher performance monitoring for even the most demanding applications.

Compatible Apps:
DashCommand for Apple and Androidby Palmer Performance Rev for Appleby Devtoaster ScanXL for PCby Palmer Performance
 Dash Command  Rev for Apple  ScanXL for PC


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