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PLX Devices DM-6 52mm Touch Screen Multi-Gauge – 2368

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PLX Devices DM-6BannerDM-6 Display Module 2 1/16″ (52mm) Multi-Touch Gauge for connecting up to 16 sensor modules in a daisy-chain. Integrated LED sweep, OLED Display and automatic sensor module detection for plug and play. Patenteduser guide


The PLX Devices DM-6 Multi Gauge Display Module is an OLED automotive gauge designed to display the measured values from your PLX Sensor Modules. Measuring only 0.7″ (18 mm) thin, it can be mounted virtually anywhere. The DM-6 Multi Gauge is designed to fit into most aftermarket 2 1/16″ (52 mm) cups, and can be mounted for seamless integration into your vehicle. Utilizing new touch screen sense technology, buttons are a thing of the past. Navigate your gauge and menus with ease by touching the bezel of the gauge. An ideal accessory for your PLX Sensor Modules. Connect to a Multi Gauge with OBD II for even more information than any standard gauge.



Plug and Play
US and Metric Units
Automatic Sensor Detection
180 deg viewing angle
Excellent daytime visibility
3 position multi touch interface

Included Items:

DM-6 2 1/16″ (52 mm) Gauge
4 Pin connector for SM-AFR connectivity
2 Terminals for 4 pin Connector
3 Wire 8 V Power Converter

Technical Specs

DM6 Specs

1) Left Capacitive Button
2) 16 Green/Orange/Red LEDs
3) 1.1″ OLED Screen (124 x 36 pixels)
4) Right Capacitive Button
5) PLX Capacitive Button

Physical Dimensions: Standard 2 1/16 x 0.7″ (52 X 18 mm)
Display Technology: 1.10″ OLED Screen (124 x 36 pixels) LED (16 Green, Yellow, Red)
Viewing Angle: 180 Degrees
Polarization: None
Supply Voltage: 3.3V and 8V from Sensor Module
Power Consumption: < 1 Watt Cable Length: 6′ Power, 6″ Serial
Operating Temp: 0 – 85 Degrees Celsius
Human Interface: 3 Button Capacitive Touch
Number of Sensors: 16 Maximum Daisy Chain
Supported Units: US Standard, Metric



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