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Bully Dog Sensor Docking Station for Air/Fuel – 40385

$247.00 $209.95

Sensor Docking Station for Air/Fuel, each



The Bully Dog Sensor Docking Station offers an unparalleled glimpse into the health of your vehicle. This accessory for the GT and Watch Dog product lines makes it easy to install aftermarket automotive sensors onto a vehicle and then display those sensor values on your GT or Watch Dog. This Sensor Docking Station has the capabilities to monitor an aftermarket Air/Fuel sensor. This Air/Fuel sensor will also work with 2 Stroke engines and will not fail. The Sensor Docking Station supports a multitude of different sensor types. including: exhaust temperature sensors, pressure sensors (oil pressure or boost), speed sensors, and temperature sensors (transmission temp, oil temp).

Air/Fuel Sensor sold separately.  See below. Only use Bosch LSU 4.9 Air/Fuel sensor.

Pyrometer not included, available below.


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