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Bully Dog Sensor Docking Station – 40383

$179.99 $164.99

Sensor Docking Station, no pyrometer probes included, each



The Bully Dog Sensor Docking Station is a great, and easy way for you to check on the well-being of your vehicle. This accessory is custom made for the GT and Watch Dog product lines. It makes it easy to install aftermarket automotive sensors onto a vehicle and then display those sensor values on your GT or Watch Dog.


  • Connects one or two pyrometer probes to BullyDog devices
  • Does not include pyrometer probe


The Sensor Docking Station supports a multitude of different sensor types, including:

  • Exhaust temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors (oil pressure or boost),
  • Speed sensors
  • Temperature sensors (transmission temp, air intake temp)



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