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Auto Meter – Pro-Comp Pro Series – Street Dash — 6001

$1,861.32 $1,499.95


SIZE: 8.3″W x 5.2-1/16″H x 1.4″D
TYPE: Analog/Diagital
RANGE: 0-8K RPM/200+ MPH/0-150 PSI/0-150
PSI/0-300 F/0-300 F/8-18V


The Auto Meter Pro-Comp Pro Series Street Dash is preconfigured and can be installed on any application from the sportsman racer to the top tier motorsports team. Retain all of your street car functions like odomter and fuel level, while adding performance readouts like oil pressure, water temp, and oil temp. Perfect for the racer who needs to keep it street legal.

AutoMeter recommends contacting their tech agents at (866)248-6357 prior to purchase for any questions or concerns regarding this product, installation, use, or accessories related to this product.

The AutoMeter Street display systems are designed specifically for the harshest environments. The carbon composite housing is IP67 sealed against water and dust intrusion and will easily withstand 20g of continuous vibration and 50g of shock. The analog pointer provides a quick and clear display for engine RPM while the digital display layout is configurable using preconfigured sensor inputs using multiple pages for your axillary instrumentation needs. User definable warnings display across the digital display and illuminate the warning LED placed to the side of the tachometer to alert the driver to critical information.
Display Features:

Dimensions – 8.3″ Wide x 5.2-1/16″ High x 1.4″ Deep
Carbon Composite Housing
Single 19 pin MIL spec connector and motorsports wiring loom utilizing Mini Sure Seal connections for ease of installation and removal
Includes oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature , and fuel pressure sensors
Display features digital values for vehicle parameters and configurable text warning messages
Built-in warning and shift light LEDs
Optional shift light output, single stage or progressive shift light


Configurable Tachometer for 1 to 12 cylinders
Programmable speedometer includes odometer and trip odometer
Oil pressure
Water temperature
Oil temperature
Fuel level
Optional fuel pressure
Internal battery voltage


IP67 sealed
Operating temperature range: 20ºF to 180ºF
Humidity: 0-100% RH
Continuous vibration up to 20g, Shock up to 50g


Weight: 1.5lbs
Motorsports grade wiring harness included

Additional information

Weight 3.8 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 13 × 4 in


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