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How Cold Air Intake/Exhaust System Mods Helps Boost Horsepower…

By Todd Schafer on March 11, 2014

There’s a lot that goes into optimizing your car’s horsepower. So much so, that most people can’t afford to push their car to its absolute limit. However, two pieces of equipment you may want to consider getting for your vehicle in order to really give it that last little bit of giddy-up and go it needs is a cold air intake/exhaust system mods.

Both cold air intakes and exhaust systems help boost your car’s horsepower by cleaning up and optimizing your car’s air/fuel ratio.

Since your car comes with an exhaust, I’m going to assume you have a good idea of why your exhaust is important and how it works; so I’m going to focus more on cold air intakes.

Injen cold air intakeCold air intakes are easiest to understand why taking into account what they add to your vehicle. Your vehicle’s stock air intake system restricts the amount of air your car can take in, a restriction that keeps your car running inefficiently.

The easiest way to understand it is to consider a car that has its factory air intake system as having a cough or a hard time breathing, e.g. like when half your nose is clogged.  Have you ever tried running or undergoing strenuous activity while having a hard time breathing? It’s a lot harder! Same concept applies to your vehicle. Allowing it to have an easier time breathing, such as installing a cold air intake and/or exhaust system or making modifications to these systems makes it easier for your car to run smoothly and better than before since nothing is holding it back.

More air and smoother airflow equals more power!

The best part is that cold air intake systems, exhaust systems, and various modifications to these systems are easy to implement. All you need is a little bit of know-how and a few hundred dollars at most to get your car running better than ever before. offer AEM, aFe, Injen, Remus, CGS, R2C and Megan Racing parts in both categories at the cheapest prices on the market. Don’t forget about our price match guarantee that states we’ll match any price that you can find from any other authorized dealer on the internet. We’ll even ship your order the same day we receive it! Provided we receive the order before 3PM EST.

Peruse our wares and find the cold intake/exhaust system modifications that are right for your vehicle today and start driving more efficiently tomorrow.

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