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Summer Car Care

Remember stepping out your front door and feeling that rush of heat hit your face.  You knew right then that summer was indeed upon us and you were going to do whatever it took to beat the heat.  Well think what that heat is doing to your car.  Heat is the enemy to a long lasting, well tuned machine.  The heat destroys car batteries and puts a major load on your car or trucks cooling system.  The rubber of your tires don’t much like the hot asphalt either.  So especially during the dog days of summer you must make it a point to check your vehicle more frequently in order to keep your car or truck running smoothly and more importantly safe for you and your passengers.

Battery repairHigh heat temperatures and/or extended amounts [...]

coilovers vs springs

By Todd Schafer on April 6, 2014

The suspension is a crucial part of every vehicle that has to be decided on with care if you truly want to optimize your vehicle’s performance.  The wrong suspension, or a badly installed one, can tear a car apart and make the hard work you went through tuning everything else for naught.  There are a lot of different types of suspensions parts out there, but today we’re going to focus on the difference between coilovers and lowering springs.

coiloversA coilover is a shock absorber encircled with a coil spring that is installed and replaced together.  It’s basically an all-in-one package of the traditional spring and shock combination that cars come stock with.  Springs, or Lowering Springs as they are often called, are shorter and replace the cars original springs resulting [...]

Intake-Exhaust Mods

By Todd Schafer on March 11, 2014

There’s a lot that goes into optimizing your car’s horsepower. So much so, that most people can’t afford to push their car to its absolute limit. However, two pieces of equipment you may want to consider getting for your vehicle in order to really give it that last little bit of giddy-up and go it needs is a cold air intake/exhaust system mods.

Both cold air intakes and exhaust systems help boost your car’s horsepower by cleaning up and optimizing your car’s air/fuel ratio.

Since your car comes with an exhaust, I’m going to assume you have a good idea of why your exhaust is important and how it works; so I’m going to focus more on cold air intakes.

Injen cold air intakeCold air [...]

Ford Mustang

by Todd Schafer on February 11, 2014

Tuning a car is costly.  While plenty of car enthusiasts love modifying their vehicles, not all can afford to pay top dollar for everything.  Some of us have to pick and choose what we buy.  So, in the spirit of saving during these tough economic times, we’ve compiled a list of the five most economical aftermarket performance Mustang parts that give you the biggest bang for your buck.

These parts aren’t necessarily the cheapest, but they give your vehicle the biggest boost for the amount of money you spend.

1. Rear Differential Gears

Changing your rear-end gear ratio allows your Mustang to cycle through the gears more quickly and increases its acceleration considerably while also possibly increasing your gas mileage.  Many of the top aftermarket companies offer Mustang rear gears for around $150 – $250 and can make the difference between winning and losing at the drag track.  [...]

Installed Exhaust

By Todd Schafer on February 6, 2014

Automotive exhaust systems are an automotive engineer’s answer for reducing carbon emissions and making vehicles more fuel efficient.

An automotive exhaust system provides for a technique for routing the hot and toxic gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor out of the engine of cars. While doing so, the exhaust gases may also simultaneously be used for driving a turbocharger or reducing carbon dioxide emissions by means of a catalytic converter.  An exhaust system is much more important in a high performance car since as it has a direct influence on engine power and its performance.

Exhaust systems can also be considered as a collection of tubular fragments or ‘piping’ to convey the burnt gases out from the engine.  This systeExhaust Systemsm can comprise of a single or multiple exhaust pipes to [...]

aftermarket intercooler

By Todd Schafer on January 25, 2014

Installing an aftermarket intercooler can substantially increase the performance of the engine by 5% to 10% with a reduction in temperature levels of about 35 degrees to 40 degree centigrade.  Though after an aggressive drive the intercooler might face issues of heating up.  A basic tip of tuner activity in this sphere is that the larger the size of the intercooler the longer it can avoid soaking up heat on the engine and getting too hot.  Many companies make quality aftermarket intercoolers including AEM, APR, Agency Power, Alta Performance, Evolution Motorsports, HKS, Injen and Perrin.

This brief guide is only a vanilla version, not specifying any particular model car or intercooler.  Your actual install will probably be somewhat different.  It is intended to give you a idea of what you will be required to do if you decide to take on this upgrade.

To install a front mount [...]

winter car care

By Todd Schafer by January 21, 2014

Unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere south like Florida, chances are you see a major difference between the seasons, meaning a freezing future is either here or just on the horizon. Extremely cold temperatures can exponentially wear out certain car parts whether you drive your car during the winter or not. Yep, even you snow birds that leave your car behind as you vacation in the tropics have to worry about winter weather!

Fear not though! I’m going to give you some tips to ensure your car doesn’t fall to this year’s frost.

Regular Maintenancecar care

The first thing you need to do is take care of your vehicle’s regular maintenance. That means changing the oil, having a tune-up conducted if it’s time or close to it, getting your fluids checked, [...]

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