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Mitsubishi EVO

When it comes to Performance Sub-Compact Cars, they offer a considerable amount of gas mileage and convenience at the price of interior space and size. However, just like any other vehicle they can be modified to meet the user’s intent. There are professional tuners and garage mechanics who place the best aftermarket parts in these vehicles along with making separate modifications which create a more powerful, higher performance car.

Why Should Sub Compacts Be Modified?

Although sub compacts have a seemingly limited range in which they can be modified, the truth is that the better manufactured versions have plenty of ceiling built in for modifications. Today’s sub compacts are very well built and can handle heavier parts and even larger engines to a certain degree which will boost their overall performance.

The trick is finding the right model of sub-compact to modify. By no means is this list the definitive answer [...]

2014 Scion tC

By Todd Schafer on March 3, 2014

Everybody is gaga over Scion’s FR-S and sister Subaru BRZ, but Scion still has the more affordable but less sexy tC for 2014.  Sales of Scion’s original flagship model have fluctuated year after year beating expectation one year and failing the previous year only to rebound with a strong showing the next.  I guess you just never know what the finicky millennial’s will go for.  But if history can show us it will indicate that Scion needs to stay on the cutting edge of funky to keep the public wanting more.  2015 will see an all new tC which Scion will hope brings an infusion of new buyers visiting their showrooms.

2014 Scion tC interiorBut for now the 2014 Scion tC, in its final year of [...]

2014 Masarati Quattroporte

By Todd Schafer on February 25, 2014

The sixth-generation of Maserati Quattroportes was first introduced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January of 2013. Chief of product development Roberto Corradi stressed the fact that the automobile was entirely redone and redesigned, and it has Ferrari-built powerplants. Other than the powerplant, this newest generation of models was fashioned completely in-house at an exclusive Maserati-only department at the Fiat Group Centro Stile design center. The three trim levels are the Quattroporte S, Quattroporte S Q4, and Quattroporte GTS.2014-Maserati-Quattroporte-front-view2014 Maserati Quattroporte rear quarter panel 2014-Maserati-Quattroporte-rear-view

The GTS is among the most powerful of the crew, boasting a Ferrari-built 3.8 L V8 [...]

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