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Diablosport Ford Truck

One of the most interesting developments in automotive performance over the past few years is the release of the Diablosport InTune i-1000 and i-1000-DCX. This remarkably simple device has helped change the way people can have their vehicles properly tuned for maximum efficiency.
Before, you had to take your vehicle to a licensed mechanic with the proper equipment to diagnose and improve the electronic components of your vehicle. This type of service not only came with a fee, it could also be time consuming as well depending on the mechanic and how busy their business was that day. With this device you have an electronic performance tuner in your hands to fine tune your vehicle at your convenience.
What is the Diablosport Intune i-1000?
Infograph how InTune worksEssentially, this is an electronic performance [...]

Competition Clutch

By Todd Schafer on March 18, 2014

Competition Clutch is a fairly new North American based company that specializes in providing performance clutches and clutch kits at affordable prices. The company’s main focus is to provide sport compact owners with the clutch parts they need to transform their street vehicle into a competitive racing machines.
competition clutch kit

Competition Clutch has been around since 2003, but it was recently incorporated as a private company in 2012. The company is based in Conyers, GA, where it currently does all of its manufacturing and stores all of its parts for delivery.

The company is heavily involved in the sport compact racing scene in North America. Their emphasis has been on building quality clutch kits and flywheels.  Brass or Ceramic, rigid or sprung, 4 puck or 6 puck, Competition Clutch gives you the variety you need.


Megan Racing EZ Street Series Coilovers

Megan Racing has been making quality performance parts for 2 decades.  The biggest sellers have been their exhausts and coilover suspension parts.  Well below the cost of many other brands, Megan Racing products are thoroughly researched and tested prior to being made available to the general public.  The quality and craftsmanship can be seen in every product they ship out.

Megan Racing ez series coilovers 2With the ever declining US economy, it was evident that their loyal customer based needed help justifying the cost of a $900 set of coilovers.  So the R&D department at Megan Racing went to the drawing board to design and build a new entry level coilover system that would provide good base line performance but at a reduced price.  Quality and craftsmanship would not be [...]

CGS Motorsports Ford Fusion

By Todd Schafer on February 21, 2014

CGS Motorsport provides aftermarket parts and accessories and car parts at competitive market price for unmatched performance and value.  The company has been in the automotive aftermarket business since 1995.  Its signature slogan “Let it Breathe” has become an anthem for car enthusiasts who tune their machines to rev up its performance to an exciting level.

The company has created aftermarket parts to tune automobiles for thrilling driving experience. Its complete performance system enhances the capability of the engine by fully enhancing air intake and exhaust outflow, delivering 100 percent performance.  Its tried, tested and guaranteed car accessories are specialized to enhance horsepower and torque of the engine. The company practices extensive research coupled with cutting edge technology and next generation engineering and superior material use to deliver industry best products.

CGS short ram intake

Megan Racing Headquarters

By Todd Schafer on Feb 5, 2014

Megan Racing started in 2001 and has been fighting the status quo since day one.  The company has focused on trying to provide quality automotive parts at affordable prices, but has had to work through many challenges to get to where it stands today.  Despite these trials, the company has come a long way to make a name for itself in a competitive performance auto parts industry in just over a decade.

Finding a manufacturing source that make high quality parts at a low cost was the first challenge Megan Racing faced when it tried to get into the market.  Aftermarket Auto parts aren’t cheap to make to begin with, and quality materials are often difficult to come by.  However, Megan Racing was started by motor sports enthusiasts who knew that you either race with the best or not at all.  After searching for quite a while, the [...]

Brand Spotlight: Remus

By Todd Schafer on January 30, 2014

CEO of Remus Exhaust Angelika Kresch

Remus, one of the premier sport exhaust systems distributors in the world, started from humble beginnings in 1990.  The company had little more than a flyer and a plan when Remus CEO Angelika Kresch’s husband went to the Frankfurt IAA Auto Show in September 1990.

He promised prospective clients a delivery schedule of Christmas 1990 without even having a production hall completed.  The five employees that Remus had at the time, which included Mrs. Kresch and her husband, worked to the bone 24/7 to meet their clients’ demands while simultaneously growing their business and improving their products and production techniques.

Five years later, the fruits of their labors paid off.  Remus had made a name for itself and has continued to grow exponentially over [...]

Bilstein Shock Absorbers and Coilovers

If you own a Germany made car you probably have heard of Bilstein.  Bilstein is a high end manufacturer of shock absorbers and coilover systems used on BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche vehicles.  Their reputation as a quality aftermarket performance suspension company has garnered them fame and a loyal consumer base worldwide.  What you might not know is how they became so popular.  This article will detail the humble beginnings of August Bilstein beginnings in Germany to the global mega company Bilstein has become.

Bilstein was started back in 1873 by August BilsteiAugust Bilsteinn, who grew the company out of the Westphalia region of Germany.  During its early years the company made metal window fittings that were sold under its old name AUBI, which were the first two initials of August’s first and last name.

The company quickly became known internationally for its quality products and slowly [...]


By Todd Schafer on January 21, 2014

Agency Power was created in 2003 with the intention of making quality, fashionable and functional racing products.  Agency Power manufacturers parts for Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Mitsubishi, Nissan and many more.  Agency Power meet or exceeds manufacturers products and many were produced with racing in mind.  Diversified products like EVO Rear control arms, STI fuel rails, RX8 pulley kit and 996TT boost hoses gives Agency Power an advantage over other companies to make your vehicles distinguished.  Agency Power produces products after testing and racing and quality checks are completed.  AP is kept at front of the competition with its products like cat back exhausts,  GT35R turbo kits, Sway bars that are adjustable.


Agency Power Titanium Tip Cat back Exhaust:Agency_Power_ti_tipped_exhaust

The newest thing on the block is [...]

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