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Buying Aftermarket Parts Online: Pros and Cons

By Todd Schafer on January 21, 2014

I firmly believe there are some things you just don’t buy online – like a new or used vehicle. Some things you have to hold in your hands before you make the purchase to ensure you’re getting what you want. But if you shouldn’t buy a car online, then why would you buy car parts online? Today I’m going to go over the pros and cons of buying aftermarket parts online so that you can decide whether or not doing so is a good idea for you.


The most obvious reason to buy aftermarket parts online is because they’re cheaper. You get to choose from a wide range of vendors who are competing with each other for your business and driving the price of their goods down for your convenience. That doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to find the part you want for less online, but with a little digging you’re much more likely to find it for a cheaper price on the internet than at a local car part store.

The fact that the part is delivered straight to your door is another plus. Instead of driving across town to the nearest aftermarket shop in your area, you can have the part on your doorstep and ready to be used without having to spend the time or gas money to go get it. It’s a convenience more and more people continue to find worth paying for.


Unfortunately, shipping can become a nightmare just as quick as a saving grace. Packages are constantly being lost or damaged, leaving you biting your nails in anticipation until your package finally arrives safe and sound. Sure you can have an insurance situation set up to where the shipper pays for any damages, but that usually costs a lot more money and can be a headache to redeem. Either way, you’re losing time and money.

You also run the chance of purchasing for a shady dealer and not getting what your purchased or what you purchased not matching the description you were given. Since you’re not there when you pay, you don’t really know what you’re going to get until the item has been safely shipped – during which time the seller can skip out with your money leaving you high and dry.

It’s a risk, which is why you come to AutoTuning, an established and trusted name in online aftermarket auto parts.

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