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Brand Spotlight: Megan Racing

By Todd Schafer on Feb 5, 2014

Megan Racing started in 2001 and has been fighting the status quo since day one.  The company has focused on trying to provide quality automotive parts at affordable prices, but has had to work through many challenges to get to where it stands today.  Despite these trials, the company has come a long way to make a name for itself in a competitive performance auto parts industry in just over a decade.

Finding a manufacturing source that make high quality parts at a low cost was the first challenge Megan Racing faced when it tried to get into the market.  Aftermarket Auto parts aren’t cheap to make to begin with, and quality materials are often difficult to come by.  However, Megan Racing was started by motor sports enthusiasts who knew that you either race with the best or not at all.  After searching for quite a while, the company found a source willing to go along with its crazy plans.  There first product was an inexpensive polished muffler they sold on eBay.

Then after finally finding a way to provide the products they wanted, Megan Racing had to prove to their would-be consumers that their parts were the real deal.  We all know how true “you get what you pay for” is. 99% of the time, if it’s too good to be true, it is.  Facing a cynical market, Megan Racing started providing quality aftermarket performance parts at low costs and put their faith in their clientele.  Megan racing exhaust transparantThey offer many suspension parts such as lowering springs, control arms, strut bars and coilovers as well as a variety of catback and axle back exhaust systems.

Megan Racing coiloversThey were not disappointed.

Over the last few years, more and more motor sports enthusiasts have put their trust in the low cost, high performance parts that Megan Racing provides – giving a fighting chance to people who ordinarily couldn’t afford to compete.

Megan Racing has a phenomenal R&D department that allows it to continue to produce top-of-the-line aftermarket performance parts that the company promises will keep you ahead of the competition – unless their using Megan Racing parts too of course.  Each new part goes through a rigorous development process to ensure it’s as good as possible before it hits the market.Megan racing strut bars transparant

We offer a wide range of Megan Racing parts for vehicles of varying makes and models that were produced after 1979.  Our prices are the best online on all Megan Racing parts, meaning cheap high quality racing parts just got a lot cheaper than ever before.  If you don’t think it’s the best price around, feel free to use our “Price Match” program.  You’re sure to find that offers the best prices around.

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