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Brand Spotlight: Competition Clutch

By Todd Schafer on March 18, 2014

Competition Clutch is a fairly new North American based company that specializes in providing performance clutches and clutch kits at affordable prices. The company’s main focus is to provide sport compact owners with the clutch parts they need to transform their street vehicle into a competitive racing machines.
competition clutch kit

Competition Clutch has been around since 2003, but it was recently incorporated as a private company in 2012. The company is based in Conyers, GA, where it currently does all of its manufacturing and stores all of its parts for delivery.

The company is heavily involved in the sport compact racing scene in North America. Their emphasis has been on building quality clutch kits and flywheels.  Brass or Ceramic, rigid or sprung, 4 puck or 6 puck, Competition Clutch gives you the variety you need.

They have a variety of clutch kits for all sorts of driving habits from stock replacement to full blown drag racing applications.   Their stage 1 series kit are for those who need a new clutch and are happy with just replacing their factory equipment.  Stages 2.5, 3, 4, 5  and 5.5 domestic series are designed for incrementally increased horsepower and torque based on your engine output.  Street series were designed with the sub compact foreign car in mind.  Most popular sub compacts are represented including Honda Civics, Mitsubishi EVO’s and Subaru WRX STi’s.  For those pushing out 700hp + the drag series is right where you should start.  Designed for high output engines, these clutches complement your modified cars perfectly.  Pretty much any driving style that you want can be found in one of Competition Clutches specifications.

Competition Clutch is not just clutch kits but also flywheels.  They currently offer two choices, a lightweight or ultra-lightweight.  The lightweight flywheel is designed for OEM replacement and normal street use whereas the ultra-lightweight is for the more heavily modified forced induction engines as well as track use.

To show they stand by their products, Comp Clutch has given out extra clutches to races it’s sponsored in order to help drivers who may have clutch issues on race day, and it’s also given away quite a bit in the way of race prizes in order to attract more drivers to the sport and reward the most accomplished racing enthusiasts.

At, we offer thousands of Competitive Clutch products that will help transform almost every sports vehicle since 1980 into a racing machine. We’re currently offering a 15-16% discount off MSRP on all Competition Clutch parts in order to give you the racing advantage you need at a more affordable rate than ever before.

competition clutch kit 2All parts come straight from Competition Clutch’s manufacturing outlet in the U.S., meaning they’re all backed by the company’s high standard of quick delivery and excellent customer service in addition to’s pledge of high quality customer service.

If you don’t think we offer the most affordable high quality parts on the internet – the cheapest place to buy aftermarket performance auto parts – then use our price match program to compare our prices to your favorite aftermarket performance part distributors. You’ll quickly find that our prices can’t be beat, especially when you consider the amount of customer service and fast same-day shipping, as long as the order is placed by 3pm EST, we provide to every customer.

If you have any questions, look to the right to see if our live chat operator is online. If he/she isn’t available right now, try again during normal business hours, or contact us by calling us at 1 877 668-67011 877 668-6701.

Feel free to also leave any comments you like by filling out the form at the bottom of this post. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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