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Automotive Exhaust Systems – An Insight

By Todd Schafer on February 6, 2014

Automotive exhaust systems are an automotive engineer’s answer for reducing carbon emissions and making vehicles more fuel efficient.

An automotive exhaust system provides for a technique for routing the hot and toxic gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor out of the engine of cars. While doing so, the exhaust gases may also simultaneously be used for driving a turbocharger or reducing carbon dioxide emissions by means of a catalytic converter.  An exhaust system is much more important in a high performance car since as it has a direct influence on engine power and its performance.

Exhaust systems can also be considered as a collection of tubular fragments or ‘piping’ to convey the burnt gases out from the engine.  This systeExhaust Systemsm can comprise of a single or multiple exhaust pipes to make up a comprehensive automotive exhaust system.  The combusted gases can flow through any one or more of the exhaust system parts namely: the header or exhaust manifold, a front pipe, a turbocharger to get the engine to perform at its maximum potential, a catalytic converter to lower the toxic fumes released in the air, a muffler (or silencer) that reduces noise by reflecting the sound waves produced from the engine and a tail pipe with an exhaust tip.

While some car manufacturers may leave room for improvement by employing low-priced exhaust systems (or its components) for their vehicles, it is important to note that a good exhaust system facilitates a more efficient path for gases to escape thereby allowing automotive engines to ‘breathe’ better and create more power by burning new fuel and air.

Exhaust system manufacturers produce many types of exhaust systems for today’s car.  It really depends on the material you desire and how free flowing you want your vehicle to be.  Catback exhausts, Axle back exhausts and Turbo back exhausts are the most popular systems today and can be made out of galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum or titanium.  They come in polished, black or burnt tips.  There are single exit systems as well as dual exit.  The one thing that can be for sure is that there is a exhaust system out there for any budget.

Again, although an automotive exhaust system is extremely important, it is equally vital to have it checked recurrently. A general problem in exhaust systems is corrosion and if holes are formed, it can allow hazardous fumes to get inside the car.  Exhaust systems made out of stainless steel, aluminum or titanium tends to last longer the steel.  Moreover, exhaust gases backing up into the combustion area can cause damage to the engine.  As part of keeping up with the local environmental regulations, the durabilitcatback exhausty of individual exhaust system components must be inspected frequently because small problems can cause a ripple effect.  The most common problem stems from the drying and cracking of rubber gaskets and hangers due to engine heat, environmental conditions and chassis flex that ultimately cause the catalytic converter to be damaged.

Apart from gaining in horsepower, throttle response and gas mileage, drivers are always seeking a satisfying sensory experience.  A aftermarket exhaust system, whether it be a catback or axle back variant will give the owner a feeling of invigoration and a new sense of power whenever their get behind the wheel of the car.  Changing out an exhaust is one of the more easier do it yourself jobs but if you don’t feel comfortable tackling the job yourself there are plenty of muffler jobs around your neighborhoods that can install your exhaust for you. has been in business since 2008 and has a excellent selection of aftermarket exhaust systems to fit just about any budget or need.  We are an authorized dealer for many of today’s leading manufacturers of exhausts.  You can rest assured when you buy from us that you are getting the best deals available and we back it up with our Price Match program.  So if you are in the market for an new exhaust system you owe it to yourself to check out what we offer before you buy elsewhere.

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