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Here’s a bummer: your car isn’t putting out its best performance when rolling off the assembly line.  The main reason behind these limitations is due to the car manufacturers need to comply with different standards: EPA, gas mileage and safety.   Also, different marketing techniques designed to push buyers towards more expensive models may also cause limitations to be added to an engine.

Fortunately, there is a quick and effective way to enjoy all that extra power your engine can produce without having to change any internals.  Since today’s vehicles are computer-based, the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) controls most of the performance processes and settings of the car.  By using a power programmer, you can modify the parameters of the ECU to provide better values and thus increase overall performance.

How they Work

By installing a power programmer, also known as performance tuners, you are basically tweaking your car’s computer by providing new settings which have been [...]

ATS authorized online retailer

When it comes to purchasing the right parts for your automobile, getting them from an authorized dealer is a crucial part of the process. There are several reasons why performance tuners, mechanics and those who just like to modify their personal car or truck should look to where their parts come from and not just the price.

Superchips Auth Retailer LogoA common situation is when a buyer searching for parts comes across a seller that has what they need with seemingly the same brand name, product and a price that is significantly lower. Naturally, the parts turn out to be of far lower quality and the brand name not quite what the buyer thought it would be. All too often buyers get lured in by a price that is seemingly too good to be true and [...]

Scary movie vehicles

Since it is Halloween today I thought a list of my personal top 13 scary cars from the Movies and TV were in order.  See if you remember the movies some of these iconic cars came from.  Maybe you will be watching the movies tonight while you celebrate Halloween.  Many of these cars definitely look different from when they rolled off the assembly line.  The studios had to do a lot of modifying to get them to look so menacing.  So without further adieu, on with the list:


13.  1979 Chevrolet C-20 Fleetside Pickup from the 1983 movie Nightmares starring Emilio Estevez and Lance Henriksen

Nightmares-1979 C-20 Chevy Fleetside Pickup

Not all that menacing when seen by day but dark out the front windshield, add a big chrome ramming bumper and add the floodlights along with [...]

Mitsubishi EVO

When it comes to Performance Sub-Compact Cars, they offer a considerable amount of gas mileage and convenience at the price of interior space and size. However, just like any other vehicle they can be modified to meet the user’s intent. There are professional tuners and garage mechanics who place the best aftermarket parts in these vehicles along with making separate modifications which create a more powerful, higher performance car.

Why Should Sub Compacts Be Modified?

Although sub compacts have a seemingly limited range in which they can be modified, the truth is that the better manufactured versions have plenty of ceiling built in for modifications. Today’s sub compacts are very well built and can handle heavier parts and even larger engines to a certain degree which will boost their overall performance.

The trick is finding the right model of sub-compact to modify. By no means is this list the definitive answer [...]

SEMA Show 2015

For those in the specialty automotive industry, the annual SEMA Show is one of the must attend events. Scheduled for November 3rd through November 6th, the SEMA Show 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center promises to be one of the best ever thanks to a combination of new product demonstrations, special events, opportunities to network, discover new aftermarket parts and educational seminars hosted by some of the finest in the business.

What is SEMA 2015?

SEMA Show Exhibit HallThis annual show is a trade-only presentation which means that it is not open to the general public, but only registered businesses and individuals in the industry. This is a specialty show that reveals the latest in new products from Suspension Parts, Engine Management Systems and Performance Programmers to the newest in tools [...]

Tuner Model cover

How did girls get so important at a Car Show?

Tuner Model 1It may seem that stepping into an auto show is like taking a journey into the past. While you may see the latest makes and models of vehicles, you will also see plenty of nice looking young ladies who present the cars and trucks just like they have been doing since before World War II. It seems to matter little if the show itself focuses on tuner car models, import models, aftermarket parts or even performance tuners, if there are vehicles present you can almost bet that there will be young, attractive ladies there to present them for you.

Why are Girls Presenting Vehicles at Car Shows?

Admittedly, the old fashioned nature of using models to [...]

Diablosport Ford Truck

One of the most interesting developments in automotive performance over the past few years is the release of the Diablosport InTune i-1000 and i-1000-DCX. This remarkably simple device has helped change the way people can have their vehicles properly tuned for maximum efficiency.
Before, you had to take your vehicle to a licensed mechanic with the proper equipment to diagnose and improve the electronic components of your vehicle. This type of service not only came with a fee, it could also be time consuming as well depending on the mechanic and how busy their business was that day. With this device you have an electronic performance tuner in your hands to fine tune your vehicle at your convenience.
What is the Diablosport Intune i-1000?
Infograph how InTune worksEssentially, this is an electronic performance [...]

Summer Car Care

Remember stepping out your front door and feeling that rush of heat hit your face.  You knew right then that summer was indeed upon us and you were going to do whatever it took to beat the heat.  Well think what that heat is doing to your car.  Heat is the enemy to a long lasting, well tuned machine.  The heat destroys car batteries and puts a major load on your car or trucks cooling system.  The rubber of your tires don’t much like the hot asphalt either.  So especially during the dog days of summer you must make it a point to check your vehicle more frequently in order to keep your car or truck running smoothly and more importantly safe for you and your passengers.

Battery repairHigh heat temperatures and/or extended amounts [...]

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