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Summer Car Care

How to Beat the Heat during the Dog Days of Summer

Remember stepping out your front door and feeling that rush of heat hit your face.  You knew right then that summer was indeed upon us and you were going to do whatever it took to beat the heat.  Well think what that heat is doing to your car.  Heat is the enemy to a long lasting, well tuned machine.  The heat destroys car batteries and puts a major load on your car or trucks cooling system.  The rubber of your…

ATS evolving

Auto Tuning Store is Evolving

By Todd Schafer  April 20th, 2014 Some of you may have noticed that our shopping portion of the site is down.  I won't mince words, times have been tough for us since Google changed some of their practices.  Traffic to the site is down and sales have suffered due to this.  We are a mom and pop run business and don't have the deep pockets that some of our competitors have.  We live and die by word of mouth and…

coilovers vs springs

Coilovers vs Springs; Which is best for You

By Todd Schafer on April 6, 2014 The suspension is a crucial part of every vehicle that has to be decided on with care if you truly want to optimize your vehicle’s performance.  The wrong suspension, or a badly installed one, can tear a car apart and make the hard work you went through tuning everything else for naught.  There are a lot of different types of suspensions parts out there, but today we’re going to focus on the difference…

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